Spring Cleaning

Spring has just arrived and I’m already in the groove! Last weekend I cleaned off my desk, read the stack of magazines and clipped the articles I want to copy for my files. I also organized and transferred a lot of my email into my word processor so I can find the information more easily. I know there are several programs that organize your online “bookmarked” files. Do you know of any one that also organizes email files? If so, please let me know.

The exciting side-effect of this process is that I have renewed energy and passion for my current projects and some new ideas have sprouted! Every time I clean out something, my creativity soars. When I was in college, my apartment was always sparkling clean around finals….

Next week I am going to the office supply store (my favorite place to shop) and get some storage boxes for my old paper files. I have a whole shelf in my office closet lined with accordion files filled with business records. I am going to shred the files I no longer need and condense whatever I can. I highly recommend doing this every few years. If you aren’t sure how long to keep certain records, refer to this record keeping checklist.
Business Records Retention Duration

What products or programs do you use to keep your business files and computer files clean and organized?