Surpassing Expectations: Three Ways to Stand Out from Average Practitioners

[Image courtesy of Keattikorn at]

[Image courtesy of Keattikorn at]

Your clients — current and potential — have expectations. Meeting those expectations is basic customer service. Meeting expectations creates customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are a Happy Thing. But, surpassing expectations is great customer service. This leads to more people talking about you, and more loyal customers, and … you know the drill. Here are three ways to stand out from the practitioners who are meeting expectations:

  1. Follow-Up Right Away

Responding quickly to an appointment request is expected. A post-session follow-up phone call or helpful tips mailed out the next day surpasses expectations. (And follow-ups create a natural segue into re-booking a session with that client … or discovering why they will not be coming back.)

  1. Mail Gift Certificate Packets

Offering professional gift certificates is expected. Mailing the gift certificates to the recipient along with a relevant brochure, two business cards, and a coupon for booking a second appointment surpasses expectations. (It is also more likely that your directly-mailed certificates will be redeemed when you include helpful information.)

  1. Reward Your Refer-ers

Thanking clients for their referrals is expected. Reserving “premium” session times for your best refer-ers (my personal favorite reward) surpasses expectations. Or, gifting them with an extra 15-30 minutes now and then. Or, treating them to a “sample” of a newly-learned technique. Or, giving them special package deals on gift certificates. (Do you think your refer-ers are going to work even harder for you when you reward them? You bet. Don’t feel obliged to over-do it; just make them feel special and appreciated.)

Skill for skill, dollar for dollar, time for time, location for location — all else being equal, which practitioner would I want to return to time and again? Who am I going to recommend to everyone who asks? The one who surpasses my expectations.

How are you exceeding client expectations? Add your ideas below…