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Teacher's Aide

We are on a mission. . .

Teacher's Aide is a cooperative venture that started for those of us who teach business or ethics in our programs and now many teachers of all subjects in the wellness fields have joined. The mission of this resource is to be a support system to make our jobs easier, more effective and fun.

The newsletter is a forum for exchanging creative teaching techniques, as well as a resource for exercises, handouts, quotes and tools for classroom use.

Nine months out of the year the ta newsletter is a short, easy-to-read document that includes at least two website resource links, a book review, a teaching tip, announcements, a survey, and a q & a section where you can pose questions and responses.

Three times each year the newsletter is a 4-page document with a featured story, at least 1 detailed classroom activity, multiple tips, announcements, and a survey.

We welcome contributions, so please send them today.

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