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  1. Student Success Resources
  2. Business Ethics Scenario
  3. SOAP Vault - SOAP Charting, simplified
  4. The Gift: 7 Practice Ideas for Students and Educators
  5. Student Success Guide
  6. Free Student Newsletters for You!
  7. Natural Touch Marketing Newsletter
  8. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Program
  9. Staying in Touch Newsletter
  10. Acupuncture Newsletter
  11. Newsletter Tips

Student Success Resources

Business Ethics Scenario (on YouTube)

A 5-minute video on business ethics provides an entertaining way to understand how to view an ethical dilemma.

SOAP Vault - SOAP Charting, simplified

SOAP Vault is simple software that allows therapists to create, store and retrieve clinical notes anywhere there is a Internet connection. Clinical records are securely stored and may be retrieved or printed at anytime.

They take care of the technical requirements freeing time for the therapist to spend quality time providing therapy. SOAP Vault is offered to Educational Institutions at no charge. Schools can set up their clinics and use them absolutely free!

Contact SOAP Vault for more information.

The Gift: 7 Practice Ideas for Students and Educators

This 21-page, free ebook is designed to help your students engage in the idea that they are going to be in business. It's a short, accessible and enjoyable read, and you can distribute it freely to your students.

Dan Clements and Tara Gignac, ND of The Practitioner's Journey, have generously created this ebook to be freely distributed. Download it today and share the link with your students!

The seven ideas are:

  1. The Gift You Never Wanted
  2. The Desert
  3. The Start Line
  4. The Baby & The Bathwater
  5. Bicycles & Breakfast
  6. Spill Some Milk
  7. Begin

Download The Gift now!

Student Success Guide

Program durations vary from school to school ranging from several months to several years. Sometimes the business course is taught midway; at other times it is near the end of the program. Some schools include 15 hours of business education, others 100.

I've created a checklist to guide you through the steps to prepare you for success by the time you graduate.

I divided the school term into six segments with a checklist of goals, activities and skills to accomplish by the time you are done with that segment of your education. Some of these items might not be applicable depending on your career path. Thus, depending on the length of your particular program, your segment could cover a span of time from less than one month to more than four months.

  1. Self Analysis and Information Gathering
  2. Career Analysis and Budgeting
  3. Marketing Analysis and Employment Kit
  4. Making Choices and Focus
  5. Business Planning and Marketing
  6. Communications and Implementation

And a new “After Graduation Checklist” to complete while waiting for your license.

Free Student Newsletters for You!

Three sample downloadable newsletters make it easy for students to reach potential clients while they are in school. These special editions are designed for students to send to their family and friends inviting them to come to their school for a student massage or acupuncture treatment. This teaches the students about marketing to their "warm" markets and brings more people to the school to receive student massage and acupuncture services.

You (or the student) just download the issue, add the student's name and the school's contact information, the address label, and then mail them.

How to personalize your newsletter.

These documents are copyrighted by Natural Touch Marketing, Massage Marketing, and Acupuncture Media Works. They may be reproduced, modified and used by students to promote themselves while in school or when they begin practice. They may not be re-distributed without permission or made available for sale, in whole or in part.

Natural Touch Marketing Newsletter

This full-color, two-page newsletter (front and back) allows you to add your contact information both on the front, on the banner, and on the back in the space for the return address. It includes a promotional message, calling to friends and family to schedule a massage with you while you are a student.

You will be proud to send this newsletter. It includes well-researched articles on the benefits of massage combined with gorgeous, full-color photos and masthead. You will begin to build a clientele, and your school benefits by building more community awareness of the availability of student massage.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus Program

MASSAGE Magazine has developed a liability insurance program tailored specifically to the professional touch therapist.

Massage liability insurance is key to protecting your practice and also protecting your assets and your well-earned reputation. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) offers much more than just complete liability and malpractice coverage for massage therapists. It offers competitive massage liability rates, and peace of mind to therapists who know their practices and assets are covered should the unfortunate occur.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus

Staying in Touch Newsletter

Staying in Touch "print & send" newsletter master copies are one sheet (A-size: 8.5" x 11"), two-sided, with a built-in mailer (no envelope needed to mail).

All newsletter artwork includes full-color photo in masthead and two-color accents in body of issue. If you have a color printer, you can print full-color copies. Printing issues in black ink prints colored portions in shades of gray. When printing in color, consider using a high quality, white "presentation" paper. With black ink use light-colored paper or stationery.

Download the Newsletter.

Acupuncture Newsletter

Download the Newsletter.

Newsletter Tips

Check out these two articles, one from marketing expert Eileen Ryan, and the other from staff writer Diana Moore. Both articles offer practical tips for writing and sending client newsletters and e-newsletters. Look for more free articles on the Natural Touch Marketing website which offers a wealth of resources to help you build your practice naturally.

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