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We make teaching business and ethics easy and fun! Our Teacher's Manuals are provided to you on-line for free when requiring and ordering the Business Mastery or The Ethics of Touch books. Our manuals greatly simplify curriculum design. Customize your business and ethics curricula to meet your learners' needs and time requirements.

Teachers find our manuals indispensable! The teaching techniques and activities appeal to the natural instincts of those who enter these fields. Teachers are inspired by the manuals' presentation and learners benefit through a variety of engaging activities designed to address multiple intelligences.

The manuals include a chapter on "Adult Learning Principles" filled with specific techniques to improve teaching effectiveness. Both manuals also include Assorted Capers (activities such as ice-breakers and team-building exercises).

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Chapter Lesson Plan Builders

All of these materials are in Microsoft Word, Corel WordPerfect, PDF and RTF formats so that you can easily adapt them to your needs.

Slides and Handouts

The Business Mastery manual contains 600+ PowerPoint slides (also in pdf format) and handouts.

The Ethics of Touch manual contains 200+ PowerPoint slides (also in pdf format) and handouts.


The Business Mastery Teacher's Manual also includes full 16-, 36- and 70-hour Syllabi. Everything can be printed directly from our website, or downloaded by you to cut and paste to suit your needs.

Reduce your paperwork and preparation time. The test questions alone save you time and effort!

You can rest assured that our materials exceed the COMTA standards. The Teacher's Manuals and syllabi include comta competencies and clearly delineate required content and activities. We also have summary tables that match objectives and activities with specific competencies.

You will:

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