Teaching Business Ethics can be fun!

Here is an excerpt from the introduction for the Teaching Business Ethics Can Be Fun! course I am offering at the AMTA 2009 National Convention, Sep 26 2009.

Teaching business ethics is often challenging yet can be extremely fun and rewarding. Although ethics have been debated by philosophers for millennia, agreeing on what is “good” and “bad” remains difficult; so much depends on context. Not all ethical breaches are gross violations of conduct; many unethical violations are minor infractions. Furthermore, being ethical isn’t limited to knowing and following ethical codes, laws and regulations. Ethical behavior involved striving to bring the highest values to one’s work and aspiring to do one’s best in all interactions: doing the right thing, in the right manner, and with the right attitude.

Ethics courses lay the groundwork for your students to build a safe, professional practice. Guide students through the ambiguity surrounding this topic. Assist them in identifying their own values, beliefs and morals.

Breathe new life into your ethics courses! In this workshop we explore techniques to strengthen the impact of your course material delivery and support students to engage in self-examination.