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Teaching Tip

From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2001 Winter

Adding value to your teaching

Tips offered by Laural J. Freeman.

  • Listen to the questions being asked.
  • To understand students better, pay attention to the words they use.
  • Be aware of the words you use and understand their impact.
  • Remember that students feel their questions are important.
  • Have students write down questions if they are asked at an inopportune time.
  • Don’t forget to get back to students with answers to postponed questions.
  • Ask students to acknowledge their understanding of the subject.
  • Ascertain how each student learns.
  • Be willing to deliver information in various formats.
  • Have a commitment to sharing information, knowledge and philosophies.
  • Teach with passion.
  • Say, “I don’t know” when you don’t; be willing to find out.
  • Thoroughly research unknown information and remember to convey it.
  • Deliver concise and appropriate answers.
  • Encourage critical thinking.
  • Allow students to use information they perceive as helpful.
  • Give quick and easy solutions to help solve problems.
  • Convey that everything is possible.
  • Relate that there are always choices.