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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2002 Spring

Avoid Class Conflict

  • Have the students create and sign a learning contract and discuss each item.
  • Discuss respect and honoring each individual s ideas and contributions.
  • Build an interpersonal climate. Create bonds among classmates. Encourage open discussions about things that personally effect each student. Limit the time for this and make sure everyone gets a chance to contribute.
  • Create an atmosphere of safety. One way to promote group trust is by addressing privacy and confidentiality issues.
  • Avoid overt competition as much as possible. Instead promote classroom cooperation.
  • Pair up partners by drawing numbers. This helps to avoid the problems of the person who never gets chosen or the buddies that never interact with any other classmates.
  • Preserve a constructive learning environment by demonstrating respect for students dignity.
  • Be honest and demand honesty.
  • An introduction exercise is a useful tool for building affinity. Sharing pictures, quotes, short readings, and hobbies works well also.
  • Believe in and convey the value of each student.
  • Prompt student contributions in a non-threatening manner by drawing out and noting their interests.