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2020 January

Business Class Activity: Who Am I?

Objective: Learners become aware of the strengths that others see in them.

Procedure: Instructor asks each learner to take out a blank piece of paper (8.5 x 11) and put their name at the top in bold letters. Beneath their name, have them write, “I am…” Each learner clears their desk space except for the piece of paper which can be taped to the top of the desk or table where they are sitting. A pen or pencil should be left with each paper. Have the learners stand, rotate one place to the right of where they are sitting. Instruct the learners to write a sincere, positive attribute or strength about the learner whose name is on the top of the paper, using the pen at that station. Continue to rotate to each learner’s paper so that eventually the learners end up back at their original chairs. Allow the learners to read the words or comments about themselves.

Discussion: Were you surprised by any of the comments or words used to describe you? How do you feel about what was said? Do you believe it? Why or why not?

Approximate Time Required: Depends on the number of learners in the class. Allow about 1 minute at each station, 1 minute per learner to share, and 10 minutes for Discussion.

[Excerpted from the Business Mastery Teacher’s Manual activities, Chapter 14.]