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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2007 Autumn

Business Course Preparation

The first stage is preparing your course. Your school might provide you with a full lesson plan or simply give you the course objectives. The following preparation steps come in handy whether you are essentially starting from scratch or adapting pre-designed curriculum:

  • Review the curriculum, noting topics where you lack sufficient knowledge or interest and arrange guest speaker(s) for those topics.
  • Read the textbook(s) and other material that are required for the course.
  • Peruse other books and articles that address the course topics.
  • Review the teaching materials supplied by the textbook publisher and the school.
  • Compile research on current statistics, trends and regulations.
  • Create a recommended reading list.
  • Assemble ancillary teaching materials.
  • Order freebies for students (e.g., sample preprinted marketing materials).
  • Identify ways to teach using active learning principles and techniques.
  • Review notes from times you’ve previously taught this course and incorporate changes.
  • Finalize your lesson plans.