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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2011 November

Business Course Tips

  1. Offer to simply put guest speakers on a Question & Answer panel instead of asking them to teach a full lecture—it means no prep for them, and makes them far more likely to offer their time.
  2. Focus on free, practical tools. Facebook and Twitter are both free, as are several blog platforms.
  3. Encourage students to register their own domain. [At the time of writing] it’s about $15 for a year. Godaddy and Dotster are inexpensive and reliable.
  4. Website hosting can be only a few dollars a month. Hostgator is inexpensive, and works great for most students.
  5. Direct students to people like Chris Kresser and Kat at LMT or Bust, both of whom started blogs as students, and as a result already had an audience when they graduated.