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2016 August

Challenge Your Students to Learn More

Successful people know that continually learning is essential. Warren Buffett is arguably one of the most successful people in the world, and he reads six newspapers every morning. Does he need all that information? Probably not… but an inherent curiosity exists in him, and I’m going to make the leap here that inherent curiosity is at the root of many successful ventures around the world.

Here are six habits that successful people have that you should encourage your students to adopt if they really want to achieve success:

  1. Maintain a healthy curiosity about their work and their profession.
  2. Regularly look into new concepts and ideas. Take hand-written notes to help those new ideas stick.
  3. Pursue subject-matter experts to expand their knowledge base. Attend online courses, workshops, conferences, and advanced trainings.
  4. Try new things that are challenging or even frustrating, because the brain strengthens connections when the task is difficult or uncomfortable.
  5. Be picky about their time and schedule.
  6. Ask questions and keep an open mind.