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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2003 Autumn

Classroom Celebration

  • Examples of appreciation: applause; certificates acknowledging fulfillment of student contract; awards; verbal thank-you’s; “learner of the week” announcement and name posted.
  • Secret Celebration Fairies: In honor of Winter Celebrations initiate secret appreciation pals. Each person has a name assigned or drawn out of a hat of another person in the class to honor each day or at other specified times. How to honor or appreciate the person is up to their pal though some parameters should be given lest it become too burdensome.
  • Decorate with non-religious based items. Most winter holidays incorporate light due to the short days. Candles are always inspiring. Hanging lanterns, reflective garlands and symbols of light all bring the awareness of the light within to the space. Even a simple light string will add joy.
  • Have learners generate holiday gift ideas for their clients. Make sure they consider if the gift is appropriate and ethical. Fun examples include: Stress-O-Meter/Mood cards; bath fizzles; laminated pocket reflexology cards; affirmation cards; and aromatherapy samples.
  • Give a little gift that says something about who you are, such as a stick of incense wrapped in pretty paper with a string. Or you could print an inspiring saying and wrap it in a tube with ribbon. Candy often goes over well, perhaps even candy made with honey or organic sweetener instead of sugar.
  • Encourage learners to put together a community “appreciation” project.
  • Incorporate appreciation with the season by having your learners explore ways to show appreciation to each other and to their future clients.