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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2003 Summer

Classroom Confidentiality


  • Do have students write questions/responses on 3×5 cards if the discussion topic is of a sensitive nature.
  • Do meet with students privately.
  • Do secure student records.
  • Do emulate confidentiality in the way you discuss others in the classroom.
  • Do provide private areas for the intake interview in the school clinic.
  • Do be aware of your environment and potential listeners when having a personal conversation.
  • Do have clear policies for all employees, faculty, students and student clinic personnel.
  • Do make yourself available to students for private conversations.


  • Don’t give a student’s grade out loud.
  • Don’t have students correct each other’s papers.
  • Don’t ask direct questions of a personal nature during class time.
  • Don’t treat Teaching Assistants as confidants.
  • Don’t leave sensitive information unattended.
  • Don’t discuss classroom interactions beyond the classroom.
  • Don’t press a student for the reason he is late to class when he comes in.
  • Don’t correct students who have breached a classroom agreement in front of the class, unless it’s an appropriate issue for the class to address together.