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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2003 Winter

Closing a Class

  • Recap a class lesson: At the end of a class, have students put away their notes. Each student shares one thing they learned that day or found interesting (it must be different from what anyone else related). Hold a short discussion on each point.
  • Make class notes on flipchart paper. When finished with a page, fold it in half and put it aside. At the end of the class/section shuffle the sheets, divide the students into groups (2-4 in each group) and hand out the sheets. Each group prepares a presentation based on the contents of the pages. Variations: groups prepare questions for an exam based on the contents of the pages; students create 60-second commercials based on the contents.
  • End each day s lesson with a question and answer period to help encourage better understanding of material covered during class.
  • At the end of a class/section divide the class into groups of 3-5 students each. Instruct each group to review their notes and choose 5 key words that they write on a note card. The groups then exchange cards. Each group writes and performs a jingle that incorporates the 5 key words.
  • At the end of a class/section ask students to take 5 minutes to write down the clearest and vaguest concepts. Collect the sheets and use the information to correct common themes in misunderstandings and pursue certain topics in the next class. At the end of the next class have students review their sheets and check off the vague concepts that have been clarified. Then repeat the whole process.
  • Students write test questions.
  • Do a white board review with class participation.