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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2009 Summer

Enhance Communication Skills

The art of a creative teacher is one who has the ability to educate learners by combining the use of Multiple Intelligences and Communication Styles. The foundation is laid by developing curriculum (lesson plans and activities) that addresses these styles and types. The next step is to encourage further exploration of these communication skills throughout the school term.

Actively Listen: Speakers usually reveal how they learn, take in information and retrieve what they have learned. Make it a conscious game for learners to pay attention in your classroom. Review the nine Multiple Intelligences and the four Communication Styles (with the 10 behaviors each). Give learners cues for what to listen for in regards to the types and styles. Consider making posters of this information so it can easily be referenced throughout the year.

Read More Information: Understanding the importance of these communication styles may require additional reading. There is plenty of information available on the Internet. Encourage learners to explore this topic.

Role-Play: Do role-plays after the learners have a better understanding of how to communicate and have identified their individual learning and communication styles/types. Have the learners become the client/practitioner or the consumer/business person. In one application have the learners stay in what they know, using their preferred MI and Communication Styles. Another role-play is to have the learners take on another style and/or type (this gives the learners an opportunity to experience what it is like to be out of context).

Evaluate: As each of us are learners, it is important to receive feedback. Ask your learners and colleagues how something could have been taught in another way for additional learning to take place.