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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2019 September

Ethics Class Activity: Risk Analysis

Objective: Learners evaluate dual relationships.

Procedure: Have the learners brainstorm a number of dual relationships. Then have them analyze those relationships by asking questions about those relationships.

Example questions:

  • What are the power dynamics?
  • How does this kind of relationship affect my subjective response to the client/student?
  • Can I truly be objective about the person if I have another kind of relationship with him or her?
  • How will others perceive our relationship and what effects will that have in and out of the therapeutic or learning environment?
  • How will it affect the person’s ability to learn from me and see me as a professional?
  • Will this person expect special treatment from me in some way?
  • What is the potential for harm?

Discussion: How do these questions reflect how you look at dual relationships? Would these questions help you to determine whether a dual relationship is acceptable for you? What other issues might you take into consideration? What other questions might you ask yourself?

Materials Required: None.

Approximate Time Required: 20-40 minutes.

[Excerpted from The Ethics of Touch Teacher’s Manual, Chapter 3.]