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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2020 November

Fast-Track Your Mentoring Opportunities

We normally think of mentoring for our graduates. But in the altered world of education today, we recommend a one-on-one mentoring situation for active students too. With the ever-increasing distractions of pandemics, politics, and technologies, it’s difficult for our students to keep their eyes on their goals. If you have the ability and/or the depth of stable staff and colleagues, you may try assigning each of your students a mentor from day-one. Mentors can:

  • Help students articulate their goals for time management, completing the program, career start-up, etc.
  • Help students revisit their goals periodically throughout the program, for motivation and encouragement.
  • Help students evaluate their progress and adjust their success strategies for improvement when necessary.
  • Be a cheerleader for someone who has embarked on a grand and noble pursuit; someone who deserves kudos throughout the process, not simply at graduation and beyond.