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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2009 Autumn

For What Kinds of Communication is Email Good?

Practitioners use email to:

  • Remind clients of clinic hours including special extended hours.
  • Announce specials and changes in practice.
  • Send welcome and follow up messages.
  • Send birthday greetings.
  • Promote gift certificate sales.
  • Send coupons clients can print or forward to others.
  • Promote special services and educate clients about the benefits of services or techniques.
  • Send irregular clients reminder messages.
  • Send or forward articles or links to clients with particular interests or conditions.
  • Announce classes and workshops.
  • Communicate about scheduling with clients. (This requires checking your inbox frequently.)
  • Alert clients when there is an opening. It may be worth having a list of clients who have checked a box: “Let me know about last minute openings.” Including an incentive can increase the response, such as 15 extra minutes for the first one to schedule.