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2008 Summer

Key Business Class Activities

The majority of time spent in business class should be devoted to exploring the depths and nuances of this subject area. One of the most difficult challenges a business teacher has is deciding which activities to do. Include a variety of active learning techniques so you don’t always rely on discussions. The following activities can be done for a variety of topics.

  • Graduate Panel: Graduate panels bring an element of reality to business class. Plus they are a great opportunity to reinforce what you’ve been teaching.
  • Self-Assessment: Oftentimes learners have no idea what career path to take. Do personality tests to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various career options.
  • Simulations: Practicing activities helps to diminish fear associated with those activities, and enhances confidence and competency.
  • Discussions: Discussions can be an effective tool to build rapport among learners, inspire the class to learn more about a topic, encourage critical thinking skills and gauge what learners know.
  • Projects: Projects are excellent ways for learners to demonstrate knowledge and their abilities to analyze, synthesize and evaluate material. They can be done individually or in groups.
  • Visualizations: Creative visualization can help learners stay inspired, energized and on track.
  • Demonstrations: Demonstrations are effective, easy to organize, no-cost methods for active learning. Demonstrations can be done to teach topics, such as interviewing techniques, setting boundaries and communications.
  • Games: Games that are fun and challenging promote active learning, encourage participation and enhance assimilation of the lesson content.
  • Field Trips: Visiting different types of businesses often provides learners a new prospective and a dose of reality. Take them to different work environments as well as other companies that they might work with in the future (e.g., printer, laundry service).