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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

1999 Fall

Knowledge Retention, part 2

  • A variation of the previous idea is to use different colored adhesive stickers (dots and stars are available at most office or teaching supply stores). Place one sticker in the corner of each student’s nametent, nametag, or on a handout.
  • Determine the number of students in the class and select a prop that comes in a variety of colors. For instance, if the class is on customer service, use erasers or stickers in the shape of a telephone. For a class on motivation and procrastination, incorporate a “Round TUIT” chip or sticker. Make sure your have enough props to designate even teams. Randomly place one prop each student’s table location.

Quick ways to designate leaders

Choose the person:

  • who got up earliest that morning
  • with the oldest/youngest child
  • with the most pets
  • with the birthday closest to the date of the class
  • who drove farthest/least distance to the class
  • who has the most/least siblings
  • who has been married the longest/shortest period of time
  • who has visited the most states/countries
  • who has been with their organization longest/shortest period of time
  • who flew on a plane closest to the date of the class
  • who has read a non-job related book/article in the past month
  • who has been to a theater to see a movie closest to the date of the class
  • who has the oldest/newest car
  • who had the smallest high school senior class
  • who has on the most dark/light colored clothing
  • who exercised most in the past week
  • who has on the most jewelry
  • who has the shortest/longest last names
  • who lives closest to another family member (other than in the same house)
  • with the longest/shortest hair
  • who has moved their residence most recently
  • who has lived in their current apartment/house longest