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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2019 October

Lecture Last

Most instructors I’ve observed do their lecture first, with maybe a demonstration next, and then they have their students practice or discuss whatever the topic is that day. How about flipping that? Rather than giving students facts or instructions and then discussing or practicing, what if you simply offered them an objective and let them come up with ideas for achieving it? Maybe put a question on the board and let students figure it out in small groups. Once they have all had a chance to come up with ideas and try them, then you sit down and talk about it. You can lecture at the end of class on the related terminology, indications/contraindications, or whatever facts you need to share, and then your students have some real-life experiences to connect with the lecture material. By allowing the students to be creative and try their own ideas first, you are also helping them understand that there is not necessarily a “right” way to accomplish a goal. And, you might even have some fun along the way!