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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2020 March

Lessons on Goal Setting and Achievement

An important lesson in goal setting and achievement can be taught every day. The instructor can announce the day’s goal(s) at the beginning of class, and write it on the board. This then focuses the instructor on that lesson while teaching students how effortlessly goals and their achievement can be accomplished.

Among the most important things an instructor can do to create a good learning environment are to: communicate clearly; be enthusiastic; be well-prepared; manage class time effectively; be fair and consistent in grading and feedback; return grades and homework in a timely manner; encourage students to solve their own problems and make decisions by applying the course information; and, most importantly, demonstrate sincere care for students’ overall well-being.

End each day’s lesson with a question and answer period to help encourage better understanding of material covered during class.

Work individually with students to make a personal commitment to succeed. Point out that self-management is paramount to success. Emphasize and reinforce the current opportunities in the field.

When students ask you questions, ask them questions that will lead them to the logical answer on their own. This technique of redirecting is particularly effective in troubleshooting or when several steps are necessary to find a solution. This process encourages students in learning to answer their own questions.