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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2012 June

Make Sure Your Slides are Visible

In the August 2010 Teacher’s Aide Newsletter we posted the following book as a resource: slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentation.

Jan Schwartz, M.A., co-owner of Education and Training Solutions, highly recommends this book and provides us with some tips from it:

  1. First measure your computer screen. I’ll use mine as an example which is a 17-inch MacBook. Then I pull up a slide—in slide show mode—which has text on it and step back (measure) 17 feet. If I can read the screen, I’m good. If I can’t then the people in the back of the room can’t read it either.
  2. Another trick is to put your slides in sorter mode and reduce the size to 66%. If you can’t read it then the font is too small and your audience can’t read it either.
  3. Of course you always want to check out the slides in the real venue by walking to the back of the room to be sure you can see and read the slides easily.