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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2015 April

Managing Disruptive Behaviors

In light of our March web conference discussion involving Difficult Students, we thought we would include a few tips for handling those relatively mild disruptive behaviors that take us off topic.

Managing Questions

  • Is it on topic? Answer it!
  • Is it off topic, but important and could be a great teaching moment? Answer it! This option requires that you know your subject well, and that you have the time management skills to make up for the lost time at a later date.
  • Is it off topic and not appropriate at this time? Save it for another time, or have the student save it.

Managing Disruptions (cross-talk, texting, argumentative)

  • Make eye contact and move toward the student.
  • Silently wait for the disruption to end.
  • Acknowledge the input without agreeing or disagreeing. Some possible responses: “You could be right”, “Thanks for your comment”, “Let’s save that for later”, “What does everyone else think?”
  • Remind the whole group of the classroom agreement. (We highly recommend you have one.)
  • If all else fails, call for a break and speak with the student privately.