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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2017 June

Marketing Class Activity: Creating and Collecting Student Business Cards Digitally

Helping students come up with marketing materials for their future practices is a worthwhile activity in any Business or Professionalism course. Here’s an option for creating and collecting marketing materials like business cards, while remaining environmentally conscious: no paper products necessary.

  1. Have students go to VistaPrint and create 3 sample business cards (they do not need to purchase cards to create sample designs online). Have them screenshot each of the 3 designs they create, so that they have 3 image files to submit.
  2. Create a wall on Padlet (or a similar online collaboration site), and share the link with your students.
  3. Have students add their business card image files to a post on your wall. Add comments directly to their posts, for individual feedback. You may also allow students to comment on each other’s posts, for more feedback opportunities and in-class discussion potential.
  4. If this is a required activity, you can confirm each student’s participation based on their posts and feedback discussions.

For additional activities, create a wall for sample brochures, sample gift certificates, sample postcards, etc.