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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2001 Summer

The Peak Learning Moment

Once in a while there comes a defining moment when due to the statement, idea or question of a student the class ignites, comes alive and vigorously pursues the idea. This is not the time to continue with your agenda or to regain control. Instead seize the moment to encourage and allow the class to create. By stepping aside, you signal your acceptance of their process and give permission for this magical and exhilarating time to happen, and perhaps occur again!

Do Don’t
Let go Dominate or control the discussion
Allow the students to set the agenda Use their enthusiasm to re-set your agenda
Let the students direct the conversation Interject your ideas
Participate as a learner Be a teacher during this time
Demonstrate enthusiasm for their ideas Demonstrate negativity
Enhance and extend the peak environment Stifle the energy of creative thought