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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2017 January

Prepare for Learning Success in the New Year

Post these study tips in your classroom, to help students prepare for success in the new year:

  • Take care of yourself (sleep, nutrition, etc.)
  • Don’t work/study at home, if it’s distracting
  • Schedule daily study/practice sessions (as if it is your employment schedule)
  • Schedule breaks during long study sessions
  • Use mind-mapping to organize your thoughts on a topic
  • Quiz yourself with tools like flashcards. Make the flashcards yourself
  • Create small goals (action steps) for larger projects
  • Revisit concepts often, allowing time for things to sink in

IF-AT Immediate Feedback Tests

Here’s a quick video (2m 17s) that describes IF-AT testing, an assessment technique that actually helps students learn. Susan Salvo shared the idea with us back in August, during her webinar on the use of technology in the classroom. We think it could be a really great tool for learning the more complicated ethics subject-matter. Let us know what you think.