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2020 July

Returning to the Classroom

Over the last few months, people have been talking about what to do when things go “back to normal” in the classroom, although we don’t know if things are ever going to be “normal” again. Some educational organizations are starting to re-open and others are looking at how to phase in re-opening. Others plan to offer a combination of online and in-person classes. Regardless of your choice, it’s wise to create several options for delivering your content. Your curriculum design needs to be flexible to accommodate students’ needs. Consider the student who can’t be in the classroom because a member of their household is at risk. What happens if a student or faculty member gets diagnosed with COVID-19? Also, what if another stay-at-home order is enacted?

We don’t know what life is going to be like until we have effective treatments or a vaccine. In the meantime, you can provide your students with several plans of action that address multiple circumstances. This also creates a sense of calmness for your staff and nobody has to scramble if unwanted issues arise. Here are some suggestions:

  • Utilize online platforms that provide engagement
  • Train students ahead of time on the use of your chosen online platform
  • Video the hands-on technique classes, record the demos so students can re-watch from home
  • Adapt information so that it can easily be moved between online and the physical classroom
  • Devise strategies to help students that are falling behind (mainly due to online learning)
  • Create options for making up classes

If you have additional ideas or strategies that are working for you, please let us know so we can share them with the educational community.