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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2016 May

Tip – Slow Down

We have limited time with our students, and we often make the mistake of trying to cover too much material.

Many of the best teachers share that, over time, they have reduced the details they cover to improve effectiveness. Take your time covering important concepts carefully. Use several examples, ask lots of questions, and draw analogies. Allow for discussion and reflection, as these are critical steps in the learning process that are often discarded in the interest of time. Help solidify the concepts by repeating past material throughout the term. Tell relevant stories (e.g., you might have a discussion with the clinic supervisor at your school about a recent situation in the student clinic, and then bring that to class as a “real world” example of your course objectives).

This is an adaptation of tip number 6 from the article “Learning to Teach: 10 Tips for Professors” by Chris Buddle.