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2019 August

Tips for Dealing with Test Anxiety

Many of our students suffer from test anxiety, which affects their ability to accurately show us how much they know on written tests and practical assessments. A new study has found that spending 10 minutes before the test helping students to see stress more positively, effectively boosts student achievement. Here are a few suggested activities:

  • Writing assignment: Have students write their thoughts and feelings about this test. Also, have them write about other times when they have experienced similar thoughts and feelings.
  • Writing assignment: Ask students to write down some reasons why stress might actually be helpful for taking tests. This activity can use their knowledge of physiology to think about how the body’s responses to stress may help with things like increasing blood flow to the brain and improving alertness.
  • Mindfulness exercises: Guide students in meditation or breathing exercises.
  • Movement: Have students do stretches, yoga asanas, qi gong, or even jumping jacks.

These ideas were excerpted from this article. Be sure to check it out for more information on the referenced study.