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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2015 September

Tips for Reaching Gen Y Students

Generation Y, otherwise known as the “Millennials,” are filling your classrooms. That’s a great thing, if you know how to communication with people who are tech-saavy, have short attention spans, can multi-task very well, can filter information quickly, and want it now and fast. Yes, using technology in your classroom helps, but that’s not all they are about. Here are some other ideas for reaching them:

  1. Keep it short and to the point. They are used to Google and getting answers fast, so they will be bored if you take too long to explain a concept.
  2. Don’t get upset by their multi-tasking. They are better at it than you, it’s second-nature to this generation. If you must lecture, give them something to do while you talk (take notes, Google ideas, etc.).
  3. Think of yourself as the guide, not the expert. We (teachers) used to be the ones who delivered the facts and information, but this generation can web search anything they want to know. Our role has changed to that of a guide. So, help them know where to find good information. Better yet, help them think critically about all the information that you do share and that they gather. Help them move past simply looking up facts and into actually thinking for themselves.