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From the Teacher’s Aide Newsletter

2020 May

Virtual Classroom Activity: Making a Policy Adjustment or Addendum

Every practitioner we know is currently in the process of altering safety protocols and adjusting office policies in preparation for re-opening their practice. Why not make it an activity for your students?

Have them review the current discussions regarding returning to practice. Here are a few to get them started.

  1. ABMP’s Back to Practice Summary
  2. Healwell’s Back to Practice Videos
  3. Tracy Walton’s Letter to Employers
  4. Joe Lubow’s Note about Returning to Work
  5. Diana Thompson’s COVID-19 Intake Form

Discuss the ethical, as well as practical implications, of when to return to practice.

Then, have them write their own office policies regarding sanitation and safety protocols. Have them answer questions such as:

  1. What are your sanitation procedures, before, during, and after each treatment? How will you communicate those procedures to your clients?
  2. What expectations do your clients need to meet to participate in your new office safety protocols? How will you communicate those expectations to your clients?
  3. What will you do (specific steps) if one of your clients tests positive for COVID-19? Will you publish these steps for your clients? Why or why not?