Tell the Story: What’s Special About YOUR Practice?

Think about your favorite businesses. Why do you patronize your favorite restaurant, coffee shop, healing arts practitioner? What makes them different from the competition down the street?

You Are Special, Too

If you can’t immediately say what makes you stand out, ask your clients, colleagues, and loved ones. What’s exceptional about your practice? Is it that amazingly effective injury treatment technique you do? Is it your studio, and the ultra spa-like atmosphere you’ve created? Are you so versatile, and such a responsive listener, that you truly tailor each session to your client’s completely individual needs?

As a patron of the healing arts, any one of those three things — a highly effective technique, a relaxing ambiance, or a truly customized session — can really turn my head. And when I hear about an exceptional experience through a friend or co-worker, I want to know more. Is there a website? What is the bodyworker’s phone number? How has she or he helped other people? We call this word-of-mouth marketing, and in this case, it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.

The Takeaway

  1. Decide what makes you special. If you don’t immediately know, ask.
  2. When you find out, go all out. Take the next advanced training. Put a jacuzzi to your studio space. Individualize your sessions even more. For instance, add hot stones, essential oils, energy work, or something else to your repertoire.
  3. Spread the word. Get business cards that express your specialness. Ask your clients to pass them along. Highlight your uniqueness on your website, with descriptions, photos, and testimonials. Use brochures, if appropriate. Mail postcards or send emails with graphics that tell the story of what you do best.

You have something special to offer. Now stretch yourself a little, and tell that story. People love a good story. And they are going to love your good work.