BizCardimageOnce you’ve given each of your clients your business card, and handed it out to friends, family, your hairdresser, and your child’s teacher, how are you going to creatively use the rest of them? Here are ten new ways for you.


Five Ways to Use Your Existing Business Cards

  1. Stick business cards to small 2 ml bottles of your favorite essential oil, and give them to your clients, people who attend your presentations, and participants at networking events. Use a hot glue gun or run tape around the bottle. (Double-sided tape does not work!)
  2. Attach your business cards to daffodils, lavender, or other herbs or flowers and hand them out to clients, friends, family, your dental receptionist, or your bank teller.
  3. When giving something away, as in the above examples, dress up a tiny florist envelope. Place your business card inside, and then attach it to the gift.
  4. Give colleagues and best clients the gift of a business card organizer — placing your card in the first slot, of course.
  5. Wear your business card instead of a name tag when you are attending networking groups, chamber of commerce meetings, conferences, or presentations (your own or someone else’s.)

Five Ideas for New Versions of Your Card

If you’ve been handing out your business cards like crazy, but you’re ready to do more, make one or more special business cards in addition to your “regular” one. Here are some ideas.

  1. Create a second massage business card to use as a specific call to action. Add a line such as, “Good for an extra 15 minutes when you schedule a one-hour massage,” or “Free reflexology treatment with your next massage.” Hand them to new clients who come in to redeem a gift certificate. Give them to clients who refer new people to you. Give them out when you are networking or talking to a potential client.
  2. Use business cards as little announcements for events. If your spa, clinic, or wellness center is having an open house, use the front of the card to advertise the event. Hand out lots of them. Just make sure they include your business name, phone number, and website.
  3. Use the front of a business card for a specific call to action. Include your usual contact information plus a line such as, “Buy two gift certificates before December 31st and save 25%,” or “Ask about our referral program to save money.”
  4. Speaking of referral programs, one of our customers uses a version of his business card as an official referral card. He includes his contact information plus the words “Referral Program.” At the bottom of the card there’s a line for the referring client and one for the person who brings it in. Both get a discount on their massage. (Before you do this, check your state laws. This is illegal in some states.)
  5. Add “one-minute tips” to your card. For example, add a sentence, “One-minute stress reducer: inhale as you lift your arms, exhale as you lower them. Repeat 3 times.” Or: “A one-minute meditation: Breathe in and silently say, ‘Deep.’ Breathe out and silently say, ‘Slow.'”

Massage business cards are one of the most affordable and versatile marketing tools you can find. Just one glance at your card from a potential client can establish a sense of your professionalism and uniqueness. If you have other great tips for business cards, please share them below!

[Adapted with permission from a Natural Touch Marketing blog article.]