Thanksgiving Gratitude

What an interesting and unprecedented time.

And never before have I been so grateful to be part of the massage community.

With so many people suffering—financially, physically, mentally, emotionally—it is imperative that we focus on kindness and compassion. In the massage community, that seems to come naturally. I simply love being surrounded by grateful people. Here are some of my interactions just this week:

  • Massage school owner who puts safety first and remodeled their campuses to accommodate COVID safety procedures.
  • Massage practitioner who struggles with her own health crises (not COVID related) and still focuses on her clients’ needs.
  • Massage educator who teaches on Zoom from the spare room in his in-law’s home because he is also the current family caretaker.
  • Massage student who helps her children with online learning, in between her own massage classes.

Why are these folks grateful?

  • The school owner says they are driven by the needs of their communities, and the time and financial investments that their students have made in their own futures.
  • The practitioner says it helps to deal with her own issues better by helping others.
  • The educator says he feels like he can make a difference, even through virtual classrooms, and he is happy to be able to help his extended family at the same time.
  • The student says she is motivated by the touch-deprivation in her community, and inspired to learn skills that can help long-term.

I am so moved by the love and dedication of these folks (and countless others in our community), doing what they can in the face of very real hardships that are likely to continue for some time.

Remember to practice self-care this week with a bit of rest if you can. You deserve it.

And above all, remember to turn your kindness and compassion to your own hearts.

I am so grateful to all of you. Thank you. Thank you, all.

— Deanna Sylvester, Chief Success Muse for Sohnen-Moe Associates


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