The 3-Line Rule: Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Promotionals That Work

I hope you are promoting your gift certificate sales for Mother’s Day. If you are, remember to remind clients that a gift of your services is something almost anyone would love. I’m sure that sounds like a no-brainer. But if you are committed to building your practice, you need to make sure your practice comes to mind readily when clients are in need of an ideal Mother’s Day gift. And that means reaching your clients with a promotional.

Getting Started

Begin by experimenting with wording that will appeal to your particular clients. What can you say about gift certificates that your clients will respond to?

The Basics

First of all, decide what you are promoting, specifically.

  • A mother/daughter special?
  • An offer to mail gift certificates to the recipient?
  • A discount or add-on to a client’s next session when they buy a gift certificate?

Now work on the three basic parts of your promotional. They are:

  1. The attention-grabbing headline
  2. The offer (what you are promoting)
  3. The call to action

The Headline

Once you know what you want to say, start to think about an attention-getting headline. Whether it’s an email, postcard, or announcement on your website, it should be brief and to the point. Here are some examples.

Exciting announcements:

  • Gift Certificate Special From Springfield Massage!
  • Gift Certificates Now Available From Springfield Personal Training!
  • Bonus Services With Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Purchase!

Compelling questions:

  • Does a woman you know deserve the gift of massage?
  • No time to shop?
  • Don’t know what to give that special Mom in your life?

Simple and straightforward:

  • It’s easy to buy the gift everybody loves — massage.
  • Get more relaxation with your gift certificates.
  • Save money and time with gift certificate packages.

The Offer

After your headline, state your offer.

  • Save 10% when you buy Mother’s Day gift certificates before May 10.
  • Spring gift certificate packages available.
  • Get your massage half-off when you bring Mom in for a full body aromassage.
  • Send a gift certificate to Mom with one call or email to my office.
  • Or simply, “Choose from our selection of beautiful gift certificates for Mother’s Day.”

The Call To Action

Finally, call on your clients to take a step–to commit to an action.

  • Buy before May 10, 2017 and get an extra 15 minutes added to your next session!
  • Call or email to order gift certificates for Mother’s Day: 555-1212,
  • Call or visit my website for more on gift certificate packages.

Always, always include your contact information. You can add it in the call to action or put it elsewhere on a postcard or email. If the promotional is on your website, make it easy for clients to email you right then, or have your phone number listed in the promo area.

Put them all together — the headline, the offer, and the call to action. Send a postcard or email, and/or post it on your website. Your clients will get the message that your gift certificates are easy to give — and much appreciated!