The Classics Still Rock

Recently I went to hear a friend’s band (Episodes) play at a local bar. Their music is basically classic rock, indie and some folk rock. The music was great and everyone enjoyed it. The majority of the people in the room were friends of the band. After about an hour, the “cover band” Recovery came on. It was actually the same members of Episodes. What I found very interesting is that the crowd was much more engaged and some sang along and danced when the band played popular songs-even though a few of those songs were made popular before some of the audience members were even born!

This got me thinking about how this relates to marketing. I know, I tend to look at most things from a marketing perspective…. My conclusions are:

  • Good friends will listen to you no matter what.
  • People like what’s familiar.
  • Classics stand the test of time.

Reflect on your marketing. What are your classics? What has worked really well in the past? Think about the promotions you did where people really responded. What specials or even approaches to your work did you do that received favorable comments? Are you still doing those things? If not, then why?

While I advocate creativity, you don’t always have to be doing something new to stand out. Mix up the new and the classics!

Originally published in Massage Today‘s WIBB (Women In Business Blog).