This Holiday Get Your Clients to Call

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‘Tis the time to remind your clients they need you this busy season. In this entry I’ll tell you how to do this in a way that will get your clients to call.


Which client concerns can you address directly?

Here’s a starter list:

  • You can give them a break from the buildup of stress.
  • You can offer a treatment that actually relieves pain.
  • You can give them a time and space where they are cared for, instead of always caring for others.

Now think for a moment about two or three of your clients—what their lives are like and the things that cause them stress or discomfort. Experiment with marketing messages that speak to directly those things. You only need one hook, the right one, in your promotion.

Create SPECIFIC Messages

Avoid speaking in generalities. Here are some examples:

Let’s say your clients are small business owners or people in administrative positions who work long hours and have many responsibilities.

Meetings piling up? No time to exercise? Holidays seem like an extra burden? Take a stress break and boost your energy.

Your clients are parents of young children and are challenged to make time for themselves. Here are two ideas:

Revitalize—gain back the energy to bake all those holiday cookies and continue to take care of yourself.

Family coming? Kids fighting? Overwhelmed? Take time for yourself this holiday.

Your clients are seniors or people with fibromyalgia whose body aches and pains tend to be worse in the winter.

Come in from the cold. Warm up and get your aches and pains relieved. Then sleep the whole night through.

Or do you have any clients who would respond to these fun messages?

Massage can motivate you to… walk off the turkey!

Feel good in your party pumps. Come in for our special holiday feet treat!

And here’s a message that can speak to many right now.

Get away from the news. Massage can be your oasis of peace.

Once you have their attention…

Creating your attention-grabbing message is the first step, but to have the impact you want, you may want to include these four things:

  1. Special offer. Highlight an offer or special such as: “Buy three gift certificates, and get the fourth for free.”, “Present this card for $10 off your next appointment.”, or “Come in before January 2nd and get $10 off.”
  2. Call to action. Always include a simple call to action such as: “Call for massage.”, “Call or visit my website to schedule.”, “Call for appointment.”, or “Call soon—offer expires December 30th.”
  3. Your contact information. Highlight your main message, just be sure your name and phone number (at the very least) is somewhere on your promo.
  4. A message for each client group. Say you have four groups of clients with four different sets of concerns. Instead of sending 100 emails or postcards with a generic message, create four different, focused messages. You will find you have a much higher response rate (and a higher return on your marketing efforts) when you speak directly to each client’s needs.

What about you? Anyone have examples of good promotional messages to share?