Tips for Copy on Promotional Postcards: “Look to the cookie!”

Writing copy for a promotional postcard is an art. But it’s an art like making good chocolate chip cookies is an art: after you follow the directions a couple times, you get comfortable and start to tweak things here and there. You discover how to adjust the recipe to your tastes and how to make room for the desires of others. If your dad needs walnuts in his batch (blech!) you can make that happen. There are a myriad of chocolate chip cookie variations out there but they are all from the same basic recipe. There is no sense in messing with a proven winner.

Here’s the basic recipe (and proven winner) for a promotional message on a postcard:

  1. Attention grabbing headline
  2. What you are promoting
  3. Call to action

That’s it. Simple, direct, intriguing.

Here. Have a taste:

  1. Healthy, Economical, and You Don’t Have to Wrap It!
  2. Gift certificate packages for the holidays.
  3. Call or visit my website before October 31st for more information.

Or … 

  1. More Time. More Money. More Sanity.
  2. Gift certificate packages available now.
  3. Call or visit my website for more information.

Or …

  1. We Can Take Care of This Right Now.
  2. One call or email from you gives your friends and family a healthy, luxurious experience.
  3. Call or visit my website for more on gift certificate packages.

See? Variations on a recipe. They all promote gift certificate packages and all provide a solution for time and convenience. But not every message is suitable for every client. Adjusting the recipe to fit your clients’ taste is where your knowledge, intuition, and care — your art — comes in. We have other articles on marketing with postcards. When you visit our site, just search for postcards and you’ll find lots of other ways to sweeten your practice and keep things cooking.