Top Rated Aromatherapy Products that You’ll Love

For aromatherapy aficionados, we know that aromatherapy essential oils are a wonderful way to enhance the massage experience and help our clients relax. Aromatherapy is also the perfect way to treat ourselves to some self-care. So whether you use the below list for yourself or in your treatments, we know you’ll enjoy these top rated aromatherapy products and supplies.

1. Monthly Box Club from Alchemista [Ed.: 2020 – No longer in Business]

This is a great deal from our friends at Alchemista. Sonia, the company’s founder, is passionate about aromatherapy and essential oils (you can download her Massage Therapist’s Guide to Essential Oils). The amount of research and effort she puts into her products shows how much she cares about quality. With that, we highly recommend becoming a member of the monthly box club. For only $25.00 a month* they will mail for free, five to ten samples ($35 value) of Alchemista seasonal products to your door wrapped in eco-chic earth friendly packaging. It’s a great way to find your favorite products and try new things.


2. Anti-stress microwavable neck pillow

Microwave this bad boy and take it to bed with you each night to relax your sore shoulder and neck muscles. It’s just $15 on Amazon, and it comes filled with flax seed and a special blend of aromatherapeutic oils to help relieve stress.

aromatherapy neck pillow-resized-600


3. Essential Oil Gift Set from Edens Gardens


aromatherapy gift set

This gift set is the top rated aromatherapy item on Amazon. It has hundreds of raving customer reviews about the quality and price point, and it comes with a selection of their most popular essential oils that are 100% therapeutic grade.

4. Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Mist and Spritz


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Hello Beauty Blog recommends these sprays as her top aromatherapy products that she loves. She says “This spritz gives you all the benefits of natural rose oil without having to fork over a ton of money.” Rose and Lavender have high reviews, for easing anxiety and grief, and calming nerves and insomnia.

5. Reed Diffusers

Reed Diffusers are a simple, flameless air freshener. Diffusers make an elegant centerpiece and are effective solution for adding fragrance to your home. The reed diffuser oil travels up through the reed sticks and fills the room. Reed diffusers can offer each space its own unique fragrance.

reed diffusers-resized-600


6. Aromatherapy jewelry

We found these beauties on mmartiniuk’s Etsy shop and just died! They are lovely little cork lidded raku ceramic vessels. You can add a few drops of your preferred aromatherapy oils to radiate your favorite aroma. The website says that you can also use the little jars to carry tiny personal treasures!

Aromatherapy Jewelery

7. Bath Salts

Rhode Island Soapworks is well known for their luxurious bath salts. They use all natural ingredients and fresh, clean scents to help you relax and get clean.

rhode island bath salts-resized-600
What’s your favorite way to use essential oils in aromatherapy? Do you a preferred brand or product you want to share? Tell us in the comments!


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Fall in love with get Aromatherapy essential oil! It is for female problems like PMS or menopausal distress, it is helpful. The oil has a cooling effect on the head, which in turn improves blood circulation in the scalp. — Posted @ Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:22 PM by WendellCartwright

Ardently desire Aromatherapy! Aromatherapy reduces muscular aches and pains and increases muscle relaxation and tone. That’s enhancing your performance and feelings of happiness. — Posted @ Tuesday, March 25, 2014 8:22 AM by WendellCartwright