Trick or Treat?

Isolated Pumpkin Lantern

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Halloween is tomorrow and I’ve been thinking a lot about this holiday and how it relates to business. I live in an area where the houses are far apart and there are few children in the neighborhood. We haven’t had anyone come by in costume in over 15 years. I really miss seeing the kids all dressed up. Then it hit me – why not go to a friend’s house in a child-filled neighborhood and help them pass out goodies? That’s a win/win idea!

The same can be applied to business. If there is a niche of clients that you would like to work with, but your office isn’t accessible for them, consider arranging space 2-4 times a month in an allied practitioner’s office.

Another Halloween lesson I’ve learned relates to being true to yourself. We previously lived in a housing development that had lots of kids. For 3 years we didn’t eat any refined sugar, so we had to be very creative about Halloween goodies. We stocked up on crayons, colored pencils and stickers. We also raided our coin jar for the older kids. It actually worked out well. At first the children looked disappointed that we didn’t have a bowl of sweet treats, but then most of them were excited that they could choose “toys.”

In terms of business, you don’t have to deny who you are or work in a way that conflicts with your values. Sometimes it takes a bit of creativity to appeal to your market, but then again, that’s part of the fun of being in business.

Happy Halloween everyone!