Using Facebook to Connect with Massage Therapy Clients

Social media for massage therapists can make marketing into three things you never thought possible: free, easy, and fun! Facebook can be a great tool for connecting with current and prospective clients. But how do you get started? Naomi from Massamio gives us a few tips. The transcript is included below for your convenience.

Naomi Oliviae: Hi, there. I’m Naomi Oliviae, vice president of technology at Massamio and I’m here today to talk about how you can use Facebook to connect with clients. Let’s just be clear. When I say use Facebook, I mean making a Facebook page that’s specific to your massage therapy practice, not your personal Facebook page. But it can actually be a very effective and fun way to connect with clients.

The first thing you might consider doing is using that Facebook page to announce current openings in your schedule. Clients see it on their wall, they book. It’s that simple.

Second thing, you might consider offering Facebook-only promotions. When you’re talking with clients tell them that sometimes you offer discounts for individual who like your Facebook page, so that they’ll follow it and be able to see when you’ve got promotions and discounts available.

Third thing, you might want to consider using a blog and integrate it with your Facebook in order to connect with clients. If you already blog, that’s great. If you don’t, you might consider making a blog where you write content for those clients you tend to work with. Let’s say you do sports massage. You could write a blog about stretching techniques or tips for staying fit. Then just be sure to share that blog on Facebook. It’s that simple.

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