Using Healthcare Trends to Grow Your Practice

Unless you are new to this planet, you are aware of the opioid crisis and the attention it is getting (finally) in the mainstream media. In response, research on pain treatment alternatives is at an all-time high. “At this moment, many government entities, including the Department of Defense (DoD), Veterans Administration (VA) and National Institutes of Health, are studying such therapies as massage, stretching and meditation,” says Karen Menehan in her recent Massage Magazine article, Massage Therapists Must “Seize This Moment”: A Report From The Massage Therapy Foundation International Research Conference. Menehan reports that at the conference, Massage Therapy Foundation president Douglas Nelson, LMT, implored practitioners to get involved, “We need to seize that moment and we need to act now.”

I encourage you to read the reports from this conference and learn how to not only incorporate this information into your treatment protocols but also incorporate this information into your marketing and promotional materials.

Do Your Homework

Read the research referenced in the article above to begin doing your homework on massage and arthritis, pain, and opioids.

Then read about what’s going on in massage therapy research in general. Try visiting the Massage Therapy Foundation website for more ideas.

Most importantly, read about research in the areas that are issues for your clients. After all, we want to improve our treatments with our current clients.

Also, attend conferences yourself, when you can. You get access to cutting edge new information before it gets into textbooks or other mainstream publications. And the personal interactions with other practitioners and experts are irreplaceable.

Educate Your Community

If ever there was a time to look at the current research and trends toward healthcare inclusion, now is that time. The opioid crisis is not just a current event and a healthcare trend; it’s a national crisis and it’s something to which our services directly relate. Do your clients, potential clients, and people in your community know that? If you’re not sure, do your homework and then educate your community.

What an opportunity to grow your practice. I wish you the best of success!