Your Input Needed: Ways to Reduce Your Clients’ Stress

How many ways? Well, you tell me.

Your clients need your help. And I have a plan. It will take about 30 seconds of your time. We’re going to make a list. You and I. When we’re done, I’ll make it pretty and you can have it to hand out to your clients.

Let me back up a bit so you know where I’m coming from. Things are to the point in my life where I’m attracted to any title — any where — that is a variation of “Six Easy Ways to Reduce Your Stress.” Magazines at the supermarket, ads in Facebook, clippings from my mother. I’ll take anything I can get. The problem is that every basic list’s Top Suggestion is: “Take a bubble bath.”

Set aside for the moment that my bathtub is built for the comfort of a 4’9″, 95 lb. gymnast. Disregard the fact that the main reasons for my needing a bubble bath would be wailing at the bathroom door demanding juice or the location of the diapers.

My point is that I am not a bather and I don’t like bubbles. I need more choices.

We can come up with some better suggestions to reduce stress. Something that would take less preparation. Something that is more realistic. Something your clients would be more inclined to do. Something other than bubble baths.

So here’s what we’ll do. We’ll collect your top, tried-and-true stress relievers, your attitude adjusters. It can be anything. Simple. Cute. Spiritual. Deep. Cost effective is best, but whatever. Just not “bubble bath.” I’ll compile them in a list and post them.

You can copy the list and give it to your clients. You can email it. You can include it with your gift certificates. You can make 90,000 copies and drop them out of a helicopter at the 4th of July parade.

Let’s use your experience to care for your clients even when they’re not directly under your hands. Let’s give your clients something useful to hold on to — while reminding them you do care.

Leave your fabulous stress-reducer ideas in the comments box OR, if you’re on Facebook, you can leave it at the end of my “AAIIIGH! I don’t WANT to take a bath” note. Whatever works.

Seriously. I need you on this one. Your clients need you. But mostly me.

Ready? Go.

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