Website must-have: a FAQ page

[Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at]

[Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at]

You do a great job educating your new clients about what you do, and answering all their questions regarding their condition and treatment plan during that initial consultation and session. But clients have ongoing questions, and not every curiosity occurs to them during that first session. After a few sessions with you, they may be embarrassed to finally ask those questions that they think are silly. Furthermore, your potential clients have questions too, and most would prefer to look for the answers online than to actually call you and ask.

You must have a Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) Section on Your Website

You know what most of the questions are, you have heard them many times in different ways:

  • What should I wear?
  • Do I have to shave before my massage?
  • When should I get a massage?
  • When should I not get a massage?
  • How often should I get a massage?
  • Can I talk during the session?
  • Why can’t I breathe?
  • What exactly is deep tissue?
  • Do I tip or not tip, and if so, how much?
  • Is it normal to be sore after a massage?

They seem simple to you, because the intimacy-level that exists in hands-on work is normal to you. It’s not normal to your clients, however, and these simple questions can sometimes be insurmountable obstacles to them scheduling the care that they need.

An easy way to handle common questions is to have a section on your website that addresses them. Your answers don’t have to be long or complex, in fact you can borrow our answers!

Note: It’s not enough to add a FAQs page to your website, you have to let your clients and potential clients know that it’s there. Add a statement to your brochures that says, “For more information, visit the FAQ section on my website.”

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