What Are Your Options? Marketing lessons from moving a safe.

The Story

We moved a gun safe last weekend. Don’t ask. It’s like a weekend sport out here. As usual, this odd chore got me thinking about you and how you market your practice.

There are several ways to go about moving a 1200 pound box. I am firmly in the Find Someone Else to Do It camp. I really don’t care if it’s a locksmith with forklift and trailer or five college kids with a case of beer. It’s 1200 pounds; here, let me write you a check.

But my husband will not make a decision without exploring all angles of the situation. He got online and found several innovative ways people have moved gun safes. These range from brute force to golf balls to 2″ PVC pipe.

My Point

This is where I started thinking of you and your marketing. Just like moving a gun safe, marketing takes planning.

You know you want to get the gun safe from Point A to Point B. You also know you can’t just waltz up to a chunk of metal the size of a small elevator and haul it away.

You know you want to go from 50 clients to 200 clients, or to have clients book more frequently, or to sell more gift certificate packages. But the perfect concept, wording and campaign isn’t going to spring fully-formed into your brain.

You do know, however, that it can be done.

Now What?

You need to plan how you will get from your goal (Point A) to accomplishing your goal (Point B). It seems like the simplest thing to do is to find a book or article or program that will tell you exactly what to do. And maybe someone else’s plan would bring you the most success. But how do you know? Are other people’s plans right for you and your practice?

You have to examine your options. Just as my husband got online to find other ways to move a gun safe, you need to do more than scratch the surface. There is a ton of free information out there. Blogs. Articles. Online forums. And don’t confine yourself to information on massage and bodywork practices, branch out.

See what other businesses are doing that wiggles your antennae.

Pick what you like from here and there.

Mix and match.

Find what speaks most clearly to your practice and your goals.

Take notes.


Ask questions.

Then make a plan.

You don’t need to feel befuddled. Make a list. Break down your process into manageable steps. Soon you will have “moved the gun safe” with all fingers and toes intact.

By the Way

After calling around, we found a fellow whose retirement business is moving safes. That’s all he does. He’s got all the equipment and experience and time. $200. It got done right, safely, and we saved two days and tooth enamel.