What Do You Know About Sexual Assault Prevention?

Do you consider sexual assault prevention when writing your policies and procedures? Sadly, there is real need for attention to this topic in our massage and bodywork communities. Luckily, Dr. Ben Benjamin has put together a free guide for business establishments, the Sexual Assault Prevention Guidelines, to “provide a roadmap for franchisors, franchisees, day spas, and massage clinics to: maximize the safety of both clients and therapists; and minimize the risk of sexual assault.”

This guide is intended primarily for employee-based businesses committed to providing the safest, most professional environment. But it is full of extremely useful information for independent practitioners, practitioners looking for safe employment, and clients looking for safe treatments.

The guide includes detailed instructions for the safest standards of practice in massage therapy regarding:

  • Verbal Interviews
  • Practical Interviews
  • Internet Searches
  • Sexual Misconduct Statements
  • Surveys
  • Supervision
  • Client Brochures
  • Complaint Processes
  • Mystery Shoppers

It also includes links to additional resources and templates for you to use. Download the free PDF here.