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I started setting goals, writing affirmations and doing visualization since I was 19 years old. At the beginning of each year I would spend a full day mapping out the next year. For the next fifteen years I facilitated a lot of workshops on goal setting, and the ones that were at the beginning of the year were titled “New Directions [insert the new year].” They were a lot of fun and incredibly valuable for us all. Although I have stopped doing those workshops, I continued to actively set goals, participated in MasterMind groups and got together with friends every year (usually January 1st) to set our goals and make collages (vision boards).

I still set goals—particularly for business, but my personal life is not so much about the “doing” any more. I don’t have many goals (specific, measurable). My life is more concentrated on the beingness of life and I’m not as attached to the specifics of what that looks like. My life purpose has always been about service ever since I can remember. Many years ago, I honed the wording to: I am a catalyst for positive change. I have decided that my theme for 2012 is: I live each day in harmony. I am happy and appreciate the blessings in my life. My health continues to increase each day. I express my love and graciously accept love from others.

I will probably set some specific goals for ways to manifest my theme, but for right now, I plan to let that theme soak in and see what unfolds.

If you haven’t clarified what your life purpose is, I encourage you to do so. It’s the umbrella for everything else in your life. Purpose is very general—it’s a direction, a theme. You can never actually complete a purpose; it’s an ongoing process. Take a moment and think about what is really meaningful to you. Is there a common thread—one statement that encompasses your ideals, values and dreams? Once you have clarified your purpose, then it’s much easier to set goals and make appropriate life choices.

Happy New Year!