Why You Should Book a Session with Me: Marketing on your Website

[Image courtesy of cooldesign at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.]

[Image courtesy of cooldesign at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.]

When a potential client visits your website, you have about 5 (five) seconds to tell them what they want to know before they go somewhere else.

We usually focus on the importance of knowing who your ideal clients are and what they truly want. Of course, they want to know how to contact you, where you are located, that you are professional, and what your fees are… but…

Truly the first thing they want to know is how your work is going to better their lives. Tell them that first thing.

You can be very matter-of-fact and say: Many of my clients find that a couple of sessions eases the oppressive weight of anxiety from your shoulders, neck, and chest, so you can breathe more freely and sleep more deeply.

You can play around with variations of:

  • I can help improve your golf game.
  • I can reduce pain that comes from sitting at a desk all day.
  • I can work with you and your healthcare team to improve your balance, appetite, and sleep.

How do you know what your clients want to hear?

Ask your favorite clients why they come to see you. Their first answer will probably be something along the lines of a compliment to you. This is nice, but ask again. Give them examples if they are having a hard time. Do they come to you because of your location? Your hours? Because no one else can work that catch in their neck better than you? Maybe they are heavy and you are heavy, too, so they feel more comfortable getting on your table?

One of the best things to do is to see what people are saying about other practitioners. The easiest way to do that is to get online and type in “massage Tucson reviews” in the search engine (or whatever your modality and location are). Browse through and find the relevant reviews. Look for why people book sessions there and what words they use to describe the experience. Use your ideal clients’ words. You can’t get any better than that.

And, as always… In order to focus your message, you need to be clear on what kind of client you are working to attract.


Chronically ill?




Women 35-50 with two kids who drive Escalades and get their roots retouched every six weeks?

As we’ve said a gazillion and twelve times, when you know your ideal clients, you’ll know how to talk to them.

And you have five (5) seconds.